Project goal 

The target audience in pilot regions has received professional orientation and relevant qualification for their successful integration into the Kyrgyz labor market. In order to provide professional orientation and (further) qualification to the target group in the pilot regions, aiming at their integration into the Kyrgyz labor market, counseling is provided in
three key areas:

1. Improving the quality of labor market services. A social partnership model in the areas of career guidance and counseling will be developed and piloted. To achieve this, longterm cooperation approaches are developed with the actors in the cooperation system and objectives, roles and tasks defined. 

2. Youth and Women Employment Promotion. A sustainable supply of employment-oriented qualification measures for young people, especially for women, has been established at vocational schools and will be disseminated. These are high-demand areas of activity on the labor market, such as welding, energy-efficient construction, processing of agricultural products, plumbing and greenhouse management. 

3. Improving the quality of vocational education. Proven procedures and methods of independent certification are spread to other industries. The advisory committee and the secretariat at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce will be advised on the development of further industry associations, the design of sector-specific certificates and the work of the advisory council coordinating the certification process.